Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Are you ready for this.... NO, not quite!

So we started our Lamaze classes last night, we will go every Tuesday from 6-8 for the next six weeks. I was really excited to go and couldn't wait to learn more about what's to come with this pregnancy. We'll I learned VERY quickly that we weren't going to talk much about pregnancy; we're going to talk ALL about labor and delivery. I didn't realize how apprehencive I am about that step of this process.
We were put into groups to answer a worksheet about out fears and fantasies of pregnancy and the sweat started pouring....I got clamy and hot and started to stutter as I was talking. Luckily I wasn't alone, all of the ladies were wide eyed during the discussion and we did get a lot out on the table so Julie, our teacher, truly has her work cut out for her with this group. The end of the class is my favorite part, we all pouch up with our pillows and Julie teaches the men how to properly massage "mamas" back to prevent pain and enhance relaxation- what a great 10 minutes that is!!!

I have belly pictures to post soon, and will let you know how next weeks class goes.

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