Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Back in July we had Vacation Bible School at Church. I agreed to lead the 2-3 year old class....BOY was it a challenge- I think God was testing me- I really hope I PASSED! I enlisted the help of Suzy and Lisa (Lisa was out a few days with strep- AND please pardon how rough I look in this picture, working 10 hours a day and then going straight to the church takes a toll on ya)

We had TWENTY-TWO kids in our class!!! Of course on picture day only 16 showed up- so this group looks relatively calm (HAHA)
We enlisted the help of some GREAT people- Pam, Teena, and Kathleen were lifesavers! And we got additional help from the youth- Megan and Parke!!!!
We were able to do some GREAT things with the kids that week though, and I really think they learned a lot- the picture above is of the kids putting ACE bandages on Suzy to demonstrate how God helped heal the man that couldn't walk.
Fred saw how hard it was to teach the lesson and sometimes give up play time- so he invited us down to the rec area for some parachute fun (and grape slushies for the adults!!)
We learned that God helped guide Paul through the storms at sea. So we made our own storms and had races (boys vs. girls) using Chatham's kiddie pool, some toy boats and straws. It was a close race, but the girls beat the boys 7-6!
All in all our High Seas Adventure was a success and I think our kiddos took away a lot of knowledge of how God works in their life! What a GREAT experience for me too! A few weeks after VBS Devin, Chatham and I officially joined First United Methodist Church! What a GREAT Church family to be a part of!!!

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