Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Cold Shoulder

So, as you know Chatham is 2..... I thought that meant I had at least 10 years before I get blown off for girls; but I was wrong!

Devin is taking Chatham to school over the summer while I work 10 hours M-TH to have Fridays off. On the way to school each morning Chatham calls to tell me hi and make sure I'm picking him up in the afternoon. He tells me (EVERY morning) "I sleep good. I dream of Elmo" but one morning last week Chatham didn't want to talk, in fact as they approached the door at daycare he said "I see Addy and I NEEEED talk to her".......CLICK........
that's right, no bye, no I love, I got dissed for Addyson! Now don't get me wrong- I love Addyson, she is sweet and cute and a wonderful friend of Chatham's.

Fast Forward to Tuesday of this week... I didn't see Chatham that morning because he's asleep when I leave, I had a church meeting and a class reunion committee meeting after work so Devin picked up C from school. So I wasn't going to see him that evening either. I called around 4:30 to chat and see how school was and this is when I was informed that:

C: Mommy, I need a motorcycle.
M: Really, why?
C: Not a little one Mommy, I need a motorcycle with TWO seats.
M: Can Mommy ride with you?
C: No, I take Addy for a ride on my motorcycle.

OK- REALLY?!?!?! At least he's consistent and only blowing me off for Addyson- but if I buy you a motorcycle I WILL ride on it! And why is my 2-year old planning a date ON A MOTORCYCLE! Oh my goodness, I have some adventures to look forward too when he becomes a teenager!

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