Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A boy wears many hats

Like I said in my previous post, Chatham has gotten into playing pretend. This includes dressing up to get into character. Which means we are accumulating many hats and accessories.
If you're my friend on Facebook you know I was in search of a football helmet last week. Just minutes after posting my query to get some insight as to where one would find a 2T/3T football helmet, the search came to an end. Who knew it would be SO easy (haha)!
Devin's step dad is a truck driver and just happen to be in the Charlotte area making a drop and just happen to have Facebook up on his phone and just happen to get the Panthers to clear him to park his BIG truck in there parking lot for a few minutes to run in and by Chatham not only the helmet but a full on Panthers uniform (Thanks John)
A few days later as a potty/no time out for three days prize Gram got Chatham a cowboy hat, bandana, and sherriff badge. Also a huge it and will come in very handy at Tweetsie this weekend! Gram and Chatham had to wear these hats before dinner last night while they were fighting off the dinosaurs that had taken over Gram and Poppy's bedroom! That kid cracks me up!!!!!

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