Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Happenings

This weekend was SO much fun! Chatham has become a boy over the last few weeks and I love interacting with him. No more whining, no more baby stuff....He is a big kid now!
We built a HUGE Lego tower, played memory, Farmer Uno, and pretend- LOTS and LOTS of pretend! My favorite was the "dinosaur game". Chatham and I have our own secret high-five.
Saturday we swam and had pizza at the Cadwallader's, Sunday we played outside with the kiddie pool and mud pie table until Nana and Aunt Amby came over with a football outfit for Chatham. It's a REAL Carolina Panthers Jersey and Chatham LOVES it- well he loves the helmet- he throws the ball all over the house yelling "hut-hut" and we're working on teaching him a touchdown dance.
It amazes me how athletic he is- he runs REALLY fast (for a 2 1/2 year old) and can throw one heck of a fast ball. Devin is SO happy to have a sports fan to hang with!

Harper has been moving SO much the past two days- and Sunday night Devin even got to feel her- just barely and only if he lays his head on my stomach- he can't feel it with his hand. But she's getting there.
We had yesterday off work and had a ball hanging out at home and having a lazy/rainy day. The Labor Day pool party was cancelled at the Country Club- but we still went to the dinner with Mom and Dad- Chatham said he didn't have fun because the "party" didn't have cupcakes or lots of kids. We'll have to remember that and have our own party next year.

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