Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas in the Park

Like a true slacker mama I forgot my camera AND the diaper bag on the night of Christmas in the Park. So once again all of these pictures are stolen from Lisa's blog!! (THANKS FRIEND!)
We were meeting Lisa and Lauren, and we went straight from work. Paul ended up with the flu, so Devin opted not to come and let this be just a mama's event.
 We got to go on an extra long hayride, because she parked in the same lot as the tractors. A nice gentleman let us catch a ride over to the actual park, and then we continued onto the real route with other riders.

 We knew we weren't going to stay for Santa and the school aged kids singing because our kids were hungry, Chatham is scared of Santa, and Lisa and I are not fans of LARGE crowds. So we hit the new playground at the Post Office, snapped some pictures in front  of the light up Santa and went on our merry little way.

 Harper was in HEAVEN playing with the big kids! When we got home is when she took off walking and hasn't stopped since. She walks all over the house!! Time to put up some baby gates!

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