Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Fourth on the Lake

It was BEAUTIFUL at Lake Hickory on Sunday!

We spent the Fourth on the lake with the Cadwallader's and Timmerman's!
Chatham had a blast (as did Devin and I).

We went out on the jet ski's

once we got back in Suzy took me out to do some wave hopping and donuts.

Devin was jealous of her donuts so he HAD to try too-

I was less than thrilled ending up in the water!
Chatham and I watched the boats go by- he waved to EVERY SINGLE ONE of them!

Suzy and I cleaned the kids up...

*the cup is for rinsing shampoo- we weren't drinking
Chatham tolerated his life jacket and even relaxed enough to watch some fireworks.
I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday as much as we did!!!!

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