Thursday, July 8, 2010

Piano Lessons

Poppy has been teaching me to play the piano.....

No one thought I was paying attention, until they heard me play on my own!

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  1. The Great Benefits of Piano for Kids

    The benefits of piano lessons for kids extend beyond music education. Kids who play musical instruments perform better in school and develop a better work ethic that lasts a lifetime. Piano is a wonderful instrument that can be fun, challenging, and promotes a positive response to your child. Moreover, he/she will carry these benefits through his/her adulthood.

    A new study by Frances Rauscher of University of California-Irvine indicates that just a few minutes of piano practice daily will significantly improve your child’s skills in subjects such as math and science. “Music instruction can improve a child’s spatial intelligence for long periods of time—perhaps permanently,” Mrs. Rauscher said.

    When a child learns to play an instrument, he/she will be learning both art and math and would better understand concepts behind science and engineering. Playing piano improves his/her motor skills and hand-eye coordination and general dexterity. Also, programs specialized in easy piano for kids enhance their spatial-temporal reasoning abilities, music appreciation and self-esteem.