Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Water Day

Friday was 'water day' at school for Chatham

They set up water tables and let the tots have at it

Chatham, of course, watched the others for a few minutes before deciding what exactly HE wanted to play with.

He splashed- He played with animals- and OF COURSE he played with Cara (she's there in the blue polka dotted bathing suit)

but after alllll that...

The cups won!

Just like he does in the bath tub, he went to town dumping cup full after cup full of water onto the ground!!

Although much to his surprise it wasn't frowned upon on Water Day like it is in our bathroom.


  1. Haha LOVE it! Wish we had a water day at Shuford! Not sure they'd go for that with third graders in their first year of testing ;)

  2. Oh it's always worth a shot. I think measuring cups and water tables sounds perfect for a math lesson!!