Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's been a while...

so blogging has had to take a back seat this week- as there hasn't been any good news to share. But I can tell you all about my boys three (count them THREE) boo-boos last week!

First, last Monday, as I'm picking up Chatham from school Ms. Jessica lets me know that Chatham tripped and his chin got a little carpet burn on it. I look at his little face and don't really see anything from his lower lip to point of chin- so I sign the accident report and bundle him up to go out to the car. As I am lifting him in the car seat he looks up to point something out and OH MY LORD!!!!! The ENTIRE bottom part of his chin is red and raw- bless his heart!!!

Fast Forward to Friday, I have dropped Chatham off at school and headed to work, it's nearing 9 AM and my phone rings- it's Ms. Jessica, very calm, very sweet.... "Hey, Carrie- we just needed to call to let you know that Chatham had a little accident, he was running with a truck and ran into the door." (ok, nothing major I thought) "You are going to need to come look at it, we can't get it to stop bleeding and it's right on his head." OH MY LORD!!!!! I am picturing his forehead cut in two with skull and brain exposed (yes, I AM that dramatic!) So I rush to daycare and go running down the hall to his room. As I open the door Ms. Jessica is holding a very calm, very sweet Chatham who says "ouchie head, Mommy"- haha! I can't even see blood- THANK THE LORD! So, Ms. Jessica shows me the scrap on the tip top of his little scalp- still bleeding, but not gushing. We decided since it has been bleeding for a while now and won't stop I should take him to the doctor to check it out. No stitches, No staples, just are going to GLUE my kid back together??? But they did, just a bit of Dermabond and we were good to go. No hat for 24 hours, and no scrubbing of the scalp for 72 hours. So Chatham spent the rest of the day at home with Daddy. That night we went to get our Christmas Tree and even went to eat Mexican with Gram and Poppy.

Saturday night, while eating dinner, Chatham proceeds to play the drums on the table with his fork and spoon. We take them away, tell him no, but he is still learning how to use them, so as we give the fork back he is flicking it back and forth before stabbing his meat and eating it. Again, I tell him to not flick his fork, just use it to eat. And with one final flick while saying "no mommy".... that's right, you guessed it- He stabbed himself in the forehead with the fork.

Now before you go calling DSS on me because I let my kid have a fork sharp enough to stab himself with....I want you to know it IS a kids fork- plastic handle but metal rounded prongs.
But leave it to my kid to manage to draw blood with it. Two perfect little bloody dots, smack in the middle of his forehead.

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