Friday, December 17, 2010

*poor quality of pcitures* PRESENTS

Merry Christmas From Newton-Conover City Schools!!!!

I love Christmas, and I love getting festive at work! We had wreaths on the doors, and a tree decorated with student-made ornaments!

This year we did a dirty Santa exchange and each person had to make/buy a gift (less than $5) that started with the same letter as their first name. Example.... I, Carrie, gave a Country Christmas CD- and I received, from John, a batch of his homemade Jamacian Jerk Sauce and a bottle of homemade Jam!

Here are all the gifts ready to be rolled into the party.

And these are gifts I received from my secret pal and another co-worker. I LOVE the jewelery box- she said the people reminded her of Chatham and Me!!!!

And the Scarf was from my Secret Pal- can you believe a MAN thought about monogramming- Way To Go Dayne!!!!

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