Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kid's Christmas Party

Every year my sister has a Christmas Party (pictures to come). This weekend we made our way to Raleigh to celebrate- but someone wasn't really in the Christmas spirit (gotta love 2 year molars!)

But once we saw Thomas (and friends) we perked right up!

The boys looked so sweet all spiffed up!

Thomas REALLY knows how to throw a party- they colored Christmas pictures, had fruit snacks, vanilla wafers, and goldfish- as well as apple juice and maybe a few cookies from the big people table too.

The boys REALLY played together this visit. It was SO neat to see them hug and hold hands as they ran laps around the house and played with the train around the tree. Chatham has asked "Where Hummas?" all day today.... I can't wait for them to come see us next weekend for more Christmas partying!!!

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