Monday, June 27, 2011

First Vacation of the Summer- Washington, DC

This past weekend we spend 3 days in Centreville, VA with Ali and Curly. Chatham was beyond excited to go see his Godparents!

Ok, Ok.... I was VERY excited too!

We started off the trip by going to the Air and Space Museum. Chatham was in HEAVEN! He even got his own space shuttle to take home (which he has slept with, ate with, and played with since getting it)
Chatham liked to push his stroller around, and he LOVED the big tower facing the airport where he could see the 'hairpains' take off.

Every airplane is either going to Zona (Arizona) or Texas- because those are the two latest trips Poppy has taken.

Ali and Chatham and definitely BEST BUDS!!!! They were inseparable! We also rode the Metro downtown to DC and went to the Natural History Museum- the lighting wasn't great and I didn't get a lot of pictures there, but it was really neat. It was prime nap time, so we only got to spend about an hour there before Chatham had a complete meltdown and we had to leave. He pulled it together though on the Metro ride back and we were able to get some lunch at Wegman's before going home to nap.

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