Saturday, March 17, 2012

2 month update

Harper is two months old! We had our appt Friday and learned that she is a tiny little thing! 25th percentile across the board. Weighing in at 10 lbs and 8.5 oz and measuring 23.5 inches long. Harper wears size 1 diapers and 0-3 or 3 month clothes.
We got a prescription for her colic and things are already looking up just 24 hours later. We are also still giving her gas drops at night and one or two doses of Colic Calm in between prescription doses.
Harper is learning to hold her head up; and loves to sit on the play mat and look around.
Sleeping through the night is hit or miss, but most nights we get one 4-6 hour stretch- so it's getting better. This will be my last week at home with Miss H and I am dreading going back to work. Harper will be staying with my mom for the month of April before starting daycare.
Chatham LOVES his sister and now when he holds her he says "I want to hold her, but don't take our picture Mommy".
Harper is a great shopper and sleeps through most lunch dates we've had. Being held and walked around is her favorite, but she also likes to be in her swing (especially for nap time). Bath time and Baby Massage before bed is probably Harper's favorite time of the whole day.
I can't believe she's already 9 weeks old! She is so smiley and loves to be talked to. I can't wait to keep learning about her personality!!!

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