Friday, March 2, 2012

Fun in the Sun

The weather here has been beautiful!!! Mid-seventies and GREAT for playing outside. We have started soccer, so we try to take Chatham outside and practice, but football is definitely more his cup of tea.
Devin was inside with Harper and I was sitting at the patio table just watching- this kid can entertain himself for hours outside.
He managed to play an entire game of catch by-him-self, that takes talent!
Then we played the body part game- where you call out a body part and you have to touch the ball with that part.....head! knee! hiney!
I LOVE this face!!!! And of course I couldn't leave Miss Harper out of a blog post! She is seven weeks old today! She slept through the night (7 1/2 hours) on Wednesday night...but sadly it was a one time thing. Now we're back to up every three hours. She's in size one diapers, wore her first pair of shoes this week, and eats 3-4 oz. at each feeding. She is such a snuggler, and loves to be in her carseat. She is a pro shopper and has slept through every meal out I've had.

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