Monday, March 26, 2012


First day back at work- it's been a bit harder than I expected. To keep myself laughing instead of crying I have been thinking of all the funny things Chatham says!

"brrrr-ing" = I'm cold

"beeping up"= backing up

"put you in fire"= put you in time out for tattling....haven't figured out the connection

"I want to hold Harper, but please don't take our picture"....I think I need to step away from the camera

"they are by the side, by the side"- meaning they are next to each other 'side by side'

He LOVES when things match! Even if it's seeing another boy that looks his age he'll shout "WE MATCH"

Anything with big tires is a monster truck...Paul's truck, the beach wagon....

Anytime there is a loud sound (thunder, a door slamming, someone walking upstairs) Chatham asks if it's the dinosaurs

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