Monday, April 23, 2012

I thought that time wouldn't go THIS fast with two kids! I feel like I miss so much just trying to remember to do everything! I haven't taken as many pictures as I want to- I haven't had as many play dates as I want to. Adding one more kid to the mix didn't seem like something too drastic. I figured I'd allow more time to get ready and try to set everything out the night before to help the morning process move right along- well it has helped doing those things, but I still think I forget at least 2 things every day. And to think Harper started "school" on Monday!!! EEK!
I have SO much fun with Chatham at night- we "fly into the bathroom" to brush our teeth! We make silly hair in the bath tub or go on Zoo adventures with our bath tub toys. Harper also LOVES the bath! I can't wait until Harper is big enough to play with the toys, but no rush!  want her to stay little a while longer.
Harper is growing by leaps and bounds, she is almost in a size 2 diaper (I am just finishing up all the opened boxes of size 1 right now). She loves to cuddle with stuffed animals and is a pro at grabbing and holding on to other toys (a teether purse being her favorite) She loves tummy time and mat time, she just talks and talks while she's there. We've started having joint story time at night and Harper LOVES laying in Chatham's bed while we read (Chatham really likes it too).

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