Sunday, April 8, 2012

What did you expect!

Chatham stayed with Gram and Poppy Thursday night, went to Raleigh on Friday and stayed over night with Thomas! It was his first overnight with Thomas; and the furthest he had ever been from his parents..... he had a BALL! (I will have pictures to prove it once I get a hold of my dad's camera)

 While basking in the glory of the ease of having one- none moblie/verbal- child again, I took a million pictures of Harper and played dress up with her!
 I was productive while I had some "extra" time on my hands, I went shopping for some post-pregnancy clothes, had lunch with friends, cleaned the house and cleaned out closets.
Harper is SUCH a good/easy baby; it is amazing what all I can get done and STILL have time to snuggle her!

To say we missed Chatham is an understatment! I made up for lost time by baking cookies, riding bikes, playing on the swing set, playing stickers, grilling out, spending an extra 10 minutes splashing in the tub, and reading FIVE bedtime books!!!!

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