Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mini Photo Shoot

I am always worried I don't have "good" updated pictures of the kiddos...
So yesterday evening while Devin cooked dinner I took them into Harper's room and snapped a few shots.
 Chatham is SO into having his picture taken these days, and is happy to pose. Harper however doesn't quite grasp the concept. However, she did look mighty cute in her diaper cover and pink bow! I think I am going to have to dig out a strand of pearls for our next pictures.
 Chatham LOVES Harper! He tells us on a daily basis that he wants to call her Sissy, not Harper. He hugs her and kisses her every time he sees her. He likes to put her paci back in her mouth and ride on the stroller with her.

 Last night was Harper's first night in her crib in her own room. She did pretty well, two 4 hour stretches of sleep. Not as good as what we were getting in her bassinet, but I really can't complain. She loved that her bassinet vibrated and of course the crib doesn't- but she'll get used to it.
I didn't cry moving her to her room like I did with Chatham, but I did check on her a million times just like I did three years ago! I can't believe how fast the time is going with two kids. I feel like her newborn stage is nearly over!

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