Thursday, November 8, 2012

Politics in the Donley House

Our dinner conversation Tuesday evening was more of a Q&A session.

Us: Do you know what today is?
Chatham: Tuesday.
Us: Yes, but does anything special happen tonight?
C: I get to play in my jamas?
Us: True, but what are we going to watch on TV?
C: Cam Newton!!
Us: No- the election.
C: Why not Cam?
Us: He's not running for president.
C:Well he should.

A few minutes later......

Us: Chatham, do you know who the President is?
C: Yes.
Us: Who?
C: Mario and Luigi and they're good at it.
Us: Do you know where the President lives?
C: Yes.
Us: Where?
C: Where the Pope lives, far, far way.

I love his innocence! He has been learning about Italy at school; and Luigi and Mario are the plumbers they talked about last week! (NOT the cartoon characters)

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