Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Veteran's Weekend

We had a nice long weekend- thanks to our brave soldiers and veterans!
We went to the Science Center with Suzy, Cara, Tina and Hannah on Saturday. Everyone had a ball!!
Harper was right there with the big kids!
We splurged and paid the $2 to experience a tornado. It was SO funny watching the kids. Chatham was laughing so hard he had his hand over his mouth most of the time. This picture reminds me of the "hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil".
The current "special" exhibit is out of this world- it's about asteroids, comets, and the moon. They had a cool movie theater to sit in and learn about how stars come to be.
I think Chatham's favorite this is still the ride in the aquarium. Even the adults  hopped in for a ride.
Monday my school system was closed, and I had lots of plans to get the house cleaned, laundry caught up, and the playroom organized. But Monday morning Harper woke up with watery eyes and a cough- and Chatham WAS NOT going to school if Harper was.....

So we laid around in our jamas.
Then Lisa and Lauren came over to hang out. Lisa is AMAZING and entertained Harper while I got the laundry done and some food cooked for the week.
We made cookies and the kids LOVED using frosting and sprinkles to decorate (coincidentally the frosting I had was red, white, and blue). Also, we cut out their hand prints and made thankful trees! I LOVE when Lauren is over because she likes to do crafts, and Chatham will only do them if she is there.

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