Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More pictures

We ventured out to Geitner park, despite the chilly weather, to take a few more pictures for some Christmas card hopefuls.
 I think they turned out really good. I LOVE the fall colors, and the park was deserted so we went everywhere.

 I can't believe how big the kiddos are getting. Chatham is in this really fun stage where we are a super hero family. He is Batman, I am Spiderman, Devin is Captain America, and Harper is Wonderwoman. No one can answer to any other name.
Chatham no longer sleeps in his bedroom, it is his Bat Cave- today I am wearing blue and he insisted on wearing black to fit our characters. We had to drive SUPER FAST to school because the bat mobile doesn't have a slow speed. It is so neat to see how his mind works. We also went to the library yesterday and he wanted books on "workers". So I found some construction themed books and some Thanksgiving books for him. Now I am spending a lot of time explaining what Pilgrims are and "How did the turkey get from the woods to the plate mommy?"

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