Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Check this out!!!

So, first you need to know....I was recently approached by Easy Canvas Prints and offered a free 11″ x 14″ stretched canvas print of one of my photos in exchange for posting a review of their prints and service. THEN... they offered a second free 11" x 14" canvas if I give you all easy access with buttons on my blog to their site- WELL OF COURSE!!!
 Any one who has been in my living room knows I am no stranger to the world of canvas prints. I have not however used Easy Canvas Prints until this time. I have always used 8 x 10 mother's day freebies; or discounts from friends who ordered a canvas and get a 75% off coupon... BUT... I must say that my Easy Canvas Prints had the easiest order and the best shipping. I got one print right away within the week I ordered it. The second one took a bit longer (but for good reason) I used a picture off my facebook page and it wasn't great quality- so I got an email from the art department asking for a bigger file- the one I sent next still didn't look great- I LOVE that they are looking for things like that! I have received pixalated (is that a word?!?) pictures from other companies.
I obviously am working at a much slower pace than Easy Canvas Print- because I haven't even hung them up yet. They quality is AMAZING- my favorite part of the picture on the right is that they capture the BRIGHT colors in Harper's shoes!!! I can't wait for Christmas and hope that Santa knows that Easy Canvas Print is on my wish list!!!
So...what do you do now-- go to the buttons on the top right of my blog and order your own canvas!!

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