Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pirates and Princesses

For those of you that are Disney Junior families, you know this summer's theme on the Disney Channel has been Pirates and Princesses!!! Lots of Jake and Sophia episodes. When we heard the Disney Live show was coming to Greensboro- we snatched up tickets and called some friends.
Cara spent the night Friday and I LOVED getting to do her hair in a "Princess Bun"!!  I dressed three kiddos and picked up the Wade Princesses. Suzy and Chris brought their boys and met up in Greensboro for lunch and the show. The kids looked amazing and were SO EXCITED!!!

Especially when they walked in and saw Sophia and Jake pictures EVERYWHERE!
We found our seats....
 and swapped costume accessories.
We passed the time before the show by taking a million pictures! I was a little nervous about taking an 18 month old to a show that requires you to sit still and be quiet....
but she did SO, SO well!! In fact she couldn't take her eyes off the pirates!!

  My handsome pirate got SO many compliments on his costume, he was the BEST!!!!!
This was our birthday celebration for Lauren and I'd say she loved it!! Now to get ready for her Luau party with more friends!!!

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