Monday, June 22, 2009

What a morning! I went in to get Chatham up this morning and he had scooted all the way across the crib! His head was literally where his feet were when I put him down 8 hours early. (yes you read that right....) MY SON has sleep for a consecutive EIGHT hours a night!! YAY!!!
Father's Day was fun! We got Devin a new golf bag (which he's been using for two weeks already!) and Chatham got a kiddie pool that we tried out on Sunday. He wasn't a fan, because it was too shallow, we will fill it up further next time, but I did try to show him that he can kick and splash- he giggles as the water flew all over the carport. (PS- Thank you Terea for the CUTE swim trunks!)
After 30 minutes of swimming, a bottle, 30 minutes on the playmat, and 15 minutes of tummy time...he was beat!
A note from Chatham:
I hope your weekend was as fun as might was!! I love hanging out with my Mama and Daddy! Happy Belated B-day to Daddy!!!

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