Friday, June 26, 2009

A Day in the Life!

Well....Tomorrow Chatham will be THREE months old!! Wow, where has the time gone- but at the same time I don't remember what life was like without him. (pretty bland obviously!) Things are VERY different now then they were even a month ago.
~He hold his head up on his own VERY well, loves to do push ups now (just starting this week)
~He has found his hands and NEVER takes them out of his mouth,
~We have our pooping problem almost under control- NO MORE PEDIA-LAX YAY!!!
~Reflux is a hit or miss problem from day to day, but we are sticking with 4 oz. feedings every 3- 4 hours and he is gaining weight, so the Doc says we're doing fine!
~He doesn't seem to mind bath time as much anymore- although the kiddie tub was a NO NO! ~He likes to bath in the big tub with mama or daddy. He bathes everyday now to be sure there is no spit up in his lovely, lovely locks!! (My child will have shoulder length hair before age one at the rate it's growing)

We still have lots of play dates even though Mama and Daddy are both working. Chatham went to Rock Barn to swim with Carsyn this week and they had a ball! I will post pictures soon.

We also have Sunday play dates- this past week was Father's day but the week before that we hung out with little Whitney. They rolled around on the blanket and stared at each other (Whitney is two months younger than Chatham) We had been telling Whitney's parents how Chatham wasn't a fan of doing mini push up and of course in the midst of that conversation he pushed up and held it for a good 30 seconds (TWICE) *way to make Mama look like a liar kiddo!!!
We refer to Chatham as Scooter now because of his ability to scoot out of his bouncey seat if not straped in and his scooting manuever that I blogged about earlier in the week- however, we ditched the wedge and he is now in the same spot when I get him in the mornings.
My new skill is my cat like reflexes to help me dodge pee streams!
My advice to new mamas, from my three months of experience is to invest in Spray 'n Wash- it gets ANYTHING out of clothes, toys, and blankets!!!

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