Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Broken Hearted

I went to pick up Chatham yesterday after work and he was happy as a clam getting his diaper changed. As I turned the corner into the room he looked at me and started crying! A cry I've never heard before- it broke my heart. My mom said it was time for him to eat, so I chalked it up to a different "hungry cry". I feed him and we headed home. We had to go to WalMart so I picked up Devin and we were off- Devin decided to sit in the backseat to talk to Chatham- as soon as Devin shut the door Chatham took one look at him and started wailing!! The same cry I recieved at mom's- HMMMM, my heart broke again- is he starting to like Gram better than Mama and Daddy!! Well it didn't last long, by the time we were at the store Chatham was as happy and giddy to see us as ever. He laughed and babbled the whole time we were in WalMart.

So Devin and I have decided he was crying because he had missed us SOOO much and was SOOO happy to see us!

On another note- Chatham's Baptism invitations came today!! I LOVE THEM!! I am sending them to family members, so when I can I will scan it in for everyone else to know that they are more than welcome to come to the service OR the drop in at our home. I am so excited to have him baptised. I got baptised two years ago this month- AND Devin and I got married in this Church. I love our church and can't wait for Chatham to join us in worship there.

I took Chatham's 3 months pictures this weekend, but we've had a busy few days and I will try to get pictures scanned tonight and posted tomorrow!

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