Friday, July 24, 2009


If you read Kelly's Korner blog then you know that every Friday you get to show off an aspect of your life- this week is WEDDING DRESSES!!!

Devin and I got married Sept 15th, 2009 at Mount Olive Lutheran-

And the reception was at Mosteller Mansion- I LOVED our cake it was made my Mrs. Shannon Hayes at Sugar Plum Fairies.

The dress I got was on a frame facing backward at the back door of a local bridal boutique it was "last season" and they were going to throw it out- I got it for $75 (sticker price $450)!!!! I LOVED my dress!!!
I say "loved" because the cleaner that I took it too shipped it off and never got it back- shipped it UNINSURED!!! So my lovely MAJOR SALE bridal gown is gone forever!!! At least I have about 50,000 pictures to remember it by- and I'm only out $75.


  1. Oh my! I can't believe you lost your dress. I would be so sad.

  2. Beautiful dress, though I think my wife would cry if she lost hers!