Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I took three pregnancy tests to find out that I was pregnant!!!
I remember it all. Driving home from Baltimore from a weekend at Katie's the whole ride home (all 7 1/2 hours) I was thinking I was, I wanted to stop and test and JUST KNOW- but Devin was wanting to be there for that moment, so I waited- and waited- and waited.
FINALLY at 3:18 pm I got home.... we tested, the line was so faint I decided it meant I wasn't and we went on about our day. Around 7 pm I went to the bathroom and just so happen to look into the trash can and low and behold- the line was BRIGHT pink- was it something in the can, is that what happens over time....WAS I PREGNANT???
I called my friend Ashley (who is a mom) and asked what she thought- she had a digital test at her house leftover from when she found out she was pregnant with Quentin- so we were off to Ashley's got the test came home- it was now 7:58 pm (are you starting to notice the consistant EIGHT in all of this) We read the directions on the way home so here we go again- and two minutes later the screen says....
ERROR! what, ERROR, I didn't see that in the directions- I reread and realized I was too eager and "over saturated" so now we are BACK IN THE CAR (remember that I drove 7 1/2 hours already!!!) we went to Food Lion right near our house and you know what-
they were OUT of pregnancy tests- every brand, every style- NONE! So when in doubt- go to WAL*MART! We did and bought another digital test. (It was now 8:18Pm- and the car themometer read 88 degrees)
I decided to use the directions that tell you to pee in a cup and hold the stick at 180 degrees- I did just that- and before I even pulled the stick out of the cup it said...in all CAPS.....
Well, if you know me AT ALL, you know that when I know something I want to tell the world!
SO I DID- by 10 Pm we had gone to my parents, Devin's parents, called Amanda to have her schedule my appt the following day, called my sister, Marsha, and Ashley!
It feels like Chatham has been in my life FOREVER, but at the same time, I remember July 21st, 2008 SO vividly, it seems like it could have been just last week.

What a whirlwind of a year it has been!!! I couldn't ask for anything more- and I am SO excited to see what the following year holds for my little family!!

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