Friday, July 31, 2009

Sweet Tators and Baseball- WELCOME TO THE SOUTH!

I know I have kept y'all on the edge of your seats with my talk of Chatham eating solids, me making him sweet potatoes and avocado....AND the ultimate family night extravaganza- WELL.... I finally got off my lazy butt (haha) and upload the pictures.

Here is my process for making the sweet potatoes. I am sure I already told you but I cubed, peeled and boiled the tators, then I mashed them slightly with a fork before putting them in a blender:

I pureed it with 3 1/2 formula (adding them an ounce at a time)

Then I scooped them into an ice cube tray and popped it in the freezer over night. Easy clean up and Chatham LOVES them!

*Notice the homemade bread in the backgroud- that NEVER happens at my house, so I love this picture as it makes me look like a MAJORLY good house wife (let's not tell anyone my hubby actually made the bread, not me) hehe

Also on Tuesday a LARGE group of us got together for the first of many Family Outings!! I am SO excited about this. I am not a great planner and was so afraid NO ONE would show, but we ended up with 11 families; that's 20 adults, 7 babies under 10 months, and 7 kids over the age of 2. Aside from a few scattered showers and a final BIG thunderstorm it went well. We were able to sit together for the most part and the kids ran around, played in the play area, enjoyed $1 dogs (that's HOTdogs) and the adults got to meet new friends!
Nicholas and Chatham were VERY excited to see the Hickory Crawdad's play & The Barry's, Cook's, and Jackson's were some of the first to arrive-
then the fun begin and the camera fell to the bottom of the diaper bag.
Next on the books is a LARGE family picnic at the end of August- let me know if you're in the area and want to join in the fun.

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