Monday, July 6, 2009

Much to post....little to see

Sadly there will be no pictures in this post because our computer crashed this weekend-
along with two shelves in the fridge, and the bouncey seat- at one point we had so many this taken apart in our home we were concerned that the computer would be too cool, the fridge would sing and vibrate and the bouncy seat would end up with a screen!! **Everything but the computer is now back in working order (thanks for asking)
Carrie was off 1/2 a day Thursday and we both were off on Friday. Thursday we just hung out and cleaned house and went to the pool for a bit. Friday we went to the lake with Ashlee and Carsyn (it was Ashlee's brothers place) The babies swam- of course Chatham slept, and then we took a boat ride. There aren't any pictures of it though because Mama had the death grip on Chatham and was unable to document this event. But I'm sure we'll go again and I'll take some pictures then.
Saturday was the annual 4th of July party in Winston at Aunt Ma'ams- Thomas was there and the boys swam and napped and played in the shade. We didn't stay for fireworks, but after 7 hours of food and sun- Carrie was burnt, Devin was full, and Chatham was ready for bed. He slept 12 hours that night, a 4 hour nap on Sunday and 8 1/2 hours of sleep Sunday night- WOW!!!
Sunday Chatham went with Mama to deliver some clothes to some other babies and got to meet Chloe and Jackson- Chloe (4) was SO sweet and even held Chatham. Jackson (18 mos) popped Chatham on the head; bless his heart. Jackson is SO spunky though, he is my kind of kid! He kept pulling clothes out of the bag and then putting them all back in- PRECIOUS!
Other than lots of cooking, cleaning, bottles, bathes, and spit-ups I think you're pretty much up to date.
There are two shout outs for this blog!
**Welcome to the World Eva Renee who was born 7/2/09!!!**
**Yay for Carsyn who is sprouting her first tooth!!!**

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