Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chatham got the Travel Bug

So Chatham made his first trip out of state this past weekend. We went to Northern Virginia and stayed with my cousin, Alice, and her husband, Curtis (they're Chatham's god parents) and we had a BALL! I am working on getting pictures, but as always they'll come later.
It was a great trip, six hours in the car seat and chatham was just wonderful the whole way
We got tried to put him back in it to go to dinner- he was NOT having that. He screamed ALL the way to babies r us, then ALL the way to dinner, then ALL the home- although every time we got some where and took him out of the seat he was as happy as a clam.
Saturday Devin and Curtis did the DC tour (Devin had never been there) and they saw it ALL- monuments, museums, buildings, if it is IN DC they did it- walked almost 13 miles!!! GEEZ!
In the mean time- Alice and I shopped with Chatham and vistied with Curtis' parents (they were wonderful)~ Mrs. Curtis' mom made a FABULOUS taco salad for lunch and got Chatham some ADOREABLE outfits for this summer! Chatham was an angel and just coo'd and giggled with Mr. and Mrs. the whole time. Then we got his baptism outfit (he's getting baptised in August) we had to wait in hopes that the reflux would get better (or at least managable) as to not ruin the carpet in the sanctuary. So now we have everything set. Of course that's not all we bought, but I don't want to incriminate myself, the credit card bill hasn't come yet, and I'm not sure my husband noticed ALLLL the bags.
Chatham did great on the drive home too, we stopped twice for some baby yoga to make sure he was cozy and I think that did the trick. Now he is addicted to traveling and is looking forward to more road trips in the future!
Oh I almost forgot--
on the way there we went through CHATHAM, VA!!! Of course I LOVED it, Chatham slept through the event- but I was able to capture one picture as we cruised on through. It was such a cute town and EVERYTHING had his name on it (which you all know I LOVE) in BRIGHT letters it had CHATHAM POST OFFICE, and CHATHAM HARDWARE...there was even a CHATHAM ICE CREAM PARLOR/ PUTT PUTT. I really wanted a picture of the HUGE white antiqued sign that said Historic Chatham and stated the population, but Devin wasn't as interested as I was so we kept on trucking.
I can't wait to post pictures, and I STILL need to add the cute ones from our date with the Cook's last week.

As you can tell you have much to look forward too, so come back soon.

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