Sunday, August 2, 2009

On the Move...

I have yet to capture it on film but Chatham is rolling over, from back to tummy. He's like a mad man! I went in his room about 4:30 this morning (when he woke up- grrr! Where'd my sleeping boy go???) and he was on his tummy pushed up just looking around- I flipped him back over on his back and before I could leave his room he was back over on his tummy- just laughin' away!
He continued to flip for the remainder of the morning and even a few times at Gram and Poppy's house this afternoon (show off- hehe)
Friday was Chatham's 4 month check up and things are going well- we were given a few more tips on minimizing the spit up/reflux situation at hand, and that seems to be going well. Height was in the 60th percentile at 26 inches- and weight is 75th percentile at 15 lbs. 12 oz. Of course he got the second round of vaccines and was quite a trooper about it, he has a small welt on his leg still, but no fever and still smiling and giggling. He has been particularly fussy and as I mentioned before not sleeping through the night right now, but who knows- maybe we're beginning to teeth???

This weekends shout out from Chatham are to his friend Whitney who is home from the hospital and off of her antibiotics (she had pneumonia)
to his friend Caden who has sprouted his first tooth!!!

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  1. Oh just wait until you have to change diapers on a rolling baby! It's near impossible. I'm always trying to pin Emerson down.