Monday, August 24, 2009

I think he'll be a people person!

Chatham is becoming quite a social butterfly!
We went to the park with the Cook's and the Rainey's Saturday for a family picnic- Chatham got to swing and go down the slide- he LOVED it!

He even decided to sit up all by himself that morning so he was able to show off his new trick for the other kiddo's that day.

Thursday was our town parade (Old Soldier's Reunion) we went with Grammy Hokie (Chatham's Great Grandma), Gram, and uncle Al. We were just a few tree's down from the Rainey's. And the Cook's came to hang out for the actual parade. This is a picture Kathleen took of us!

This is the group shot of all the little ones at the park (Chatham, Anna, Freddie, and Caden)

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