Monday, August 10, 2009

Blogging Hiatus...

We are going on a Stay-cation!!! We are going to stay with Aunt Ma'am (that's my Aunt Carrie for those of you who have known us a while); her name has been changed since I am now AUNT CARRIE!!! We don't want to confuse the little ones.
The WHOLE family is going to Aunt Ma'am and Uncle Grumpy's for the week to swim, eat, scrapbook, hot tub, relax, eat, and just have fun (did I mention eating?? we always have GREAT food there)
So there will be no more blogging this week but I will have A TON to report when we return.
Including this past weekends fun- CHATHAM GOT BAPTIZED!!!!
He didn't cry, there was no spit up, and he wore THREE outfits, by mama's choice, not by need. And might I add, TWO of them were worn with NO BIB!!! YAY!

Thank you to everyone who came to church yesterday to witness my little boys rebirth!!!

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