Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chatham's Favorite Things...

This is after all Chatham's blogs, and I don't want him getting jealous of Mama's wishlist...

so here are some of Chatham's favorite things:
The learn n groove table is at he top of his list- this is the only object Chatham even attempts to pull himself up on. And he will play with it for hours if we'd let him
Another new favorite, Duplos by Lego-
This peeked Chatham's interest while shopping online with Mama- I think he has a few years before this will make it on to any list for Santa

Tupperware is quickly topping the charts in our home- they can be drums, cymbols, hats, goggles, or even shoes- depending on which way the wind blows up any particular day.

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  1. I think all kids love tupperware and pots and pans! its nice to have a drawer just for them in the kitchen to play in while youre cooking or cleaning in there!