Wednesday, December 9, 2009

He ate WHAT!?!?!?

That's right folks.... Chatham ate his paci, or tried to at least.

So now ALL of the cute green soothies are in the GARBAGE!!! I was sitting on the couch reading "The Kissing Hand" to Chatham and heard him gage- I looked down and his chubby little checks were a bit extra chubby.
I took a deep breath so panic wouldn't set in and pried open his mouth. Something green had filled his mouth and as I reached my finger in to get it out he threw up ALL over me, the couch, and himself.
He had managed to stick the ENTIRE thing in his mouth and there just wasn't enough room for my finger so he choked!

No fear it was removed, we're all clean, and NO MORE PACI'S in the Donley home!!!


  1. How scary! im glad hes ok! None of my kids would take Pacis, except Rachel. she used the green soothies too, but only for awhile.

  2. Oh my! He must have been hungry. Ha.

  3. oh my gosh.....I am happy that he is OK!!