Monday, June 7, 2010

Hokie Country

We took our annual girl trip this weekend. Katie (my best friend from college) and I go to a different college town to hang out since we only get to see each other about once or twice a year other than this trip!

This is one of the many Hokies (a neutered Turkey as we learned) that are decorating the town. No two look alike. I have plenty more picture to come, but playing with Chatham took top priority when I got home from my weekend away!!

I did take Chatham to the doctor today for his 15 month check up (a little early but it's the only way we could get his tube consult moved up) So we go this Thursday to see Dr. Greisson at Carolina ENT to schedule the appointment! On a happier note C is a happy healthy growing boy- 24 lbs. 12.5 oz. (down a bit, but he is VERY active, so it's normal) and 32 inches tall!!!

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  1. You were all the way up here and an hour away and didn't call! I'm sad now!