Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yesterday Chatham got tubes. Sadly I was so nervous and then excited to see him that I left my camera in his backpack and have no pictures of his sweet cheeks sticking out of his hospital gown. (Well his diaper more so than his cheeks)

He was in and out in about 9 minutes- it took longer for him to wake up then it did to do the surgery. He was happy as a clam when he woke up and I was right there with a sippy of milk for him. He played peek-a-boo with nuse Jenna- and was the only kid who didn't cry in recovery (Way To Go Chatham!!!)

My wisdom teeth didn't go quite so smoothly- after 4 1/2 hours in the chair getting all four cut out I ended up back at the dentists MOMENTS after Chatham got tubes to have my 'holes packed'- that's right TWO dry sockets! I got some good sleep last night and should be a bit less puffy tomorrow.

Thanks for all the prayers and calls!

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