Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A LOT of pictures

We went to Tweetise!
It was HOT!!!
We rode the train to the Mouse Mine!

We climbed through tunnels
We rode horses

We got locked up
We watched a shot out between the cowboys and indians!

Not even the out house was a safe place!


  1. Do you think Chatham enjoyed it? I've been wanting to take Emerson sometime but didn't know what she would think.

  2. Chatham LOVED it! He laughed at the actors doing the skit on the train- loved running around on the playground. The children's airplane ride, the mouse mine train, and the cars were the biggest hit! We got there at 9 AM (beat the crowd and the heat) and were headed to the car by noon.
    Perfect amount of time- and we'll definitely go back! I recommend it 100%!!!