Sunday, November 14, 2010

4 day weekend

What a great "vacation" I had from work with FOUR days off.
It started with Veteran's Day, the School System was closed, but daycare was open! So Chatham went to school, Devin went to work, and I went at it- haha- doing laundry, running errands and working on Chatham's year 2 scrapbook. It is really coming together!
Friday morning i picked up Suzy and Amanda and we headed to Greensboro to the Women of Faith conference with our church- what an experience that was! I had an AMAZING time, with AMAZING women! Blair from the Facts of Life (Lise Whelchel) was one of the speakers, Anita Renfroe was AMAZINGLY hilarious, and a woman name Patsy Clairmont captured my heart with her words!!!! Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth sang and spoke about their lose and strength and hope and while there wasn't a dry eye in the house I was amazed at just how much I cried!!!
While I was in Greensboro, Devin and Chatham had some Father/Son time....fixing my carport storage closet door, fixing the busted pipes and broken vent under the house, and running errands in between. While Chatham was SO SO happy to see his Mama again I can tell he is becoming more of a daddy's boy.
Today we ventured to Charlotte to have family pictures taken- we did them at Freedom Park, which is where I had my maternity pictures taken. I can't wait to see Chatham now (almost 20 months) at the same place as me 8 months pregnant.

I have tons of pictures from this weekend that I will post as soon as I get them uploaded.

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