Monday, November 29, 2010

In no particular order

Turkey's are outta here- SANTA is coming!!!
Practicing our wave before going downtown to see Santa come to Newton and light up the square.

The Dad's!

Chatham was in heaven there were ten trackers in town taking kids on hayrides around the square to see the lights.

Chatham saw Santa and waved his "big wave"

In other news:

We went to Raleigh to see Thomas (and his lawn mower) all Chatham does at Thomas' house is do laps around the house with the lawn mower....and then when Thomas wants a turn-

he whines until it's his turn again.
Chatham also loves to put his Elmo rain boots on before PJ Time and run around the house.

It's SO cute!

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  1. Those are some fine looking dads! Glad one of them belongs to MY children.