Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

We've been trying to teach Chatham as much about Thanksgiving as you can with a 21 month old. We tried to teach him to say Happy Thanksgiving- but settled with "gobble-gobble"! Which surprisingly has gone over well- all the parents at daycare loved it today when he we waved and said gobble gobble when leaving the gym at lunchtime.

Speaking of daycare....
Can someone explain to me how they do those CUTE arts and crafts with ALL the students????

Here is the craft Chatham and I did (with Nana's help) on the kitchen floor one night.....
This took a lot more work and patience than I expected.
and then just a few days later THIS comes home from daycare.....
Really- you successfully did this with 12 kids (probably in the same amount of time it took me to do my 1) How do they do it?!!?!?
Well, anyway- Happy Thanksgiving from the Donley's! Devin and I are running the Lake Norman Turkey Trot 5k in the morning (so we can eat more turkey that afternoon)

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  1. You do realize that Chatham is only 20 months old right?