Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat!

We took our little golfer to Granny Hokies first..

Uncle Al was there and Chatham got a dump truck!

Then it was off to Gram and Poppy's....

Amidst the tootsie pops (for other trick or treaters) Chatham got a slue of Elmo gear, and snoopy (hasses ("glasses")

The Cadwallader's stopped by for some loot to.

Chatham was so in love with the new tractor Gram and Poppy got him he just sat on it to open his treats from his friends.
I think all in all Chatham loved Halloween this year. He helped Poppy handout suckers to all the kids who can to the door, and only held on to Poppy's leg (for dear life) a few times.

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