Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mark...A set.....GO!

Little boys and their toys!!!

Chatham is ALL about playing with trucks and cars and motorcycles these days. He "brrrrrmmmm-brrrrrrmmmmmms" all over the house!

Some other memorable things he has said this week are:

"Mark...A set....Go"= On your mark, get set, go

"Relax and enjoy the ride mommy"= on our way home from Church I was fussing at Devin and Devin is known for telling Chatham to relax and enjoy the ride when he gets fussy in the car.

"I don't need to go to bed now, I'm not even thirsty yet"= SO SORRY- I didn't realize thirst was an indication of sleep!

"I didn't see you at Nana's today daddy, you were too far away"= Devin went to Taylorsville to shot- and of course nothing is in Taylorsville except for Nana.

We also went to the Tap Room this weekend to celebrate Suzy's birthday. The kids were SO funny and for the first time in my 2.5 years as a mom I left a restaurant happy with how everyone acted and certain that it is safe to show my face in the establishment again at anytime.

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