Monday, November 21, 2011

What I'm thankful for.... (Chatham edition)

Today on our car ride to school, Chatham was still talking about Halloween. Ringing doorbells, saying thank you, he went over everyones costumes again.... I reminded him the Halloween is over and now it's time for Thanksgiving. Turkey, Pie, and being thankful. His response......"No Candy?" Sorry, buddy- No Candy.
I tried to put myself in a two and a half year olds shoes and explain how and why to be thankful....
We say thank you to people and things that make us happy and are nice to us.....What are you thankful for? So, here's his list- in order with no prompting on my part.
1. My black doggie (it's a stuffed animal he got from a teacher at daycare)
2. Cara
3. The School Buses
4. Gram
5. Grass
6. Harper

Not bad, I don't think we've fully grasped the concept this year, but I am very proud of my little guys thankful list!!

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