Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby Names....

Well I was tagged by Amy at Baby Makes Three to tell you all about Chatham's name.

Where it came from is pretty obvious I suppose; before I was Carrie Donley, I was Carrie Chatham. The LAST Chatham of our bunch. My dad being one of three boys thought the name would last a while, but alas older brother didn't have kids, younger brother had a daughter, and mister middle man (my dad) had two girls. Even my dad's only uncle (Jim) had two girls. So, my cousin Jessie got married, and then my sister got married, and I was the shining hope...when I got married a few people thought I would keep my last name, a few others mentioned hyphenation as an option. But I am more traditional than that and dropped my middle name to become Carrie Chatham Donley. I was lucky enough to find out on Oct. 2nd if Chatham was a boy or girl and on Sept. 29th my dad had surgery. Not life threatening, but surgery non the less- and what a great coming home present for him- "hi, daddy- welcome home, glad you're well. You're 56 year wait is over, I'm giving you a grandson and he will be named Chatham (not that Scott isn't a fabulous name) but I want the name to carry on. It wasn't on any list, it has no origin, it's just MY family name!
After giving the Chatham clan such a big honor I thought I should do the same for my mom's side of the family- and my baby became Chatham Morris Donley- (OMG, I know what you're thinking) and my hubby didn't go for it either (sorry Mama!)
After several months of back and forth, list after list, veto after veto. We were watching TV- sadly I don't remember what- and every time a name was mentioned we'd yay or nah it. As you probably guessed that lasted a while. The only agreements came when we both 'nah'd' something.
Then it happened. Reid was mentioned no one said a word. You could see us both tossing it around in our heads- Chatham Reid....that's nice....CRD.....normal initials.... and Chatham Reid it was!
If we have another boy (when we decided to have another- put those pregnancy rumors to rest NOW) we are totally screwed- but our little girl will be Harper Annabeth- yes Annabeth. Chatham will represent the Chatham gang and Annabeth hold the family ties strong on the Morris side.

Now it's YOUR turn to tell me about your choices- and I tag Abby, Mrs. Goodson, and Suzy.

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  1. I love your story. i still think thats so neat that you named him Chatham. Im sure your dad is thrilled :)