Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me Monday!!!

Once again I was browsing MckMama's blog and decided to join in the fun since I did not have a very eventful weekend. If you didn't either go HERE and let us know what's up!
Well this weekend I was certainly NOT SO sick that I had to call my father to come care for little Chatham as I could even pull a onesie over his darling little head.
And in the mean time I did not lock my sick dog in the bathroom (where there is tile, not carpet) so I wouldn't have to clean up after her, my husband AND myself who were all sick at once
And being that my son is teething, I definitly did NOT keep him in a red onesie all day so that if the RED tylenol didn't ALL make it in his mouth it at least wouldn't leave a noticable stain on his shirt.
No I would NEVER do such things!!!!
So come on everyone, let's hear it! What did you NOT do this weekend???

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