Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Christmas Wish Lists

Well, I have started my search for Chatham's Christmas Wish List....

With Mama, Daddy, three sets of grandparents, two aunts, one uncle, a cousin, and God Parents- I'm thinking my house is going to look more like the aisles of Toys R Us instead of my humble home.... but I embrace Christmas and ALL that goes with it.
As most of you know my Grandpa (Clyde) had a Christmas Tree farm and therefore the Roots of Christmas run DEEP in my family. The smells, the treats, the decorations- we are ALL about it. So I like to plan early. I got our stockings personalized.....
So these aren't our stockings- but they are the ones I got from Pottery Barn and had our names put on them.
I am in search of some nutcrackers this year- I want to start a SMALL collection to display on my sofa table during the holidays- I am thinking of these.....

They're at Target and REAL cute! What do you think??

On to the meat of this post-Chatham's Wish List.....

I have a few ideas but need advice for those mom's out there who have these toys...are they a waste of money? What are you getting your little elves this year??
We are thinking one "big" gift and then some books for fun...

A) This is the PlaySkool Step Start Walk n' Crawl... My nephew LOVES it (so of course if he has one Chatham needs one- haha, sorry Beth!)

B) These are the Anywhere Chairs from Pottery Barn kids and I LOVE THEM (as well as the fact it's personalized and I LOVE THAT TOO!)

C) My final thought is to be practical and save as much money as possible. Which would lead us to get food, formula and books this year-
Chatham isn't going to know what he's getting or why- so it's really just the fun of ripping the paper, right?
Can't wait to hear what you all think??

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  1. I love the chair! My kids have little Elmo chairs and they absolutely love them.. they sit in them every day to read their books or to watch a movie. I love those nice ones you posted that you can get personalized, whats a great idea!