Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Post from Chatham

So mama kept telling me about all these great things that were going to be happening and I thought she was crazy to be getting SO excited. But MAN did we have fun this weekend!!!

We went to Gram and Poppie's and I bounced around in the jumper- I love going there to jump. And did you know you can spin it around in circles too- I had so much fun over there!
When we got home Mama and Daddy thought I might be ready to try out this thing-
I'm not real sure what they expected me to do with it, but when you slam it on the high chair tray it makes a LOUD noise- I liked it a lot!

I was getting a little tired of all the pictures but THEN we had visitors! Mama's college roommate Katie and her boyfriend Chris came to see me- mama said they drove a LONG way to see me, but I haven't figured out quite where Maryland is- anybody got a map???
Anyways- they were a lot of fun, but Katie just kept squeezing me and kissing me- MAN she's as bad as Mama is!!

So mama is pretty good about not taking a million pictures of me anymore, but about once a month she goes CRAZY and always has that silver thing in my face while I'm trying to play... GEEZ MAMA!!!!

We also went to a pumpkin patch with Mrs. Kathleen and Freddie and Anna- but as you probably guessed Mama too A LOT (87) pictures and can't decide which ones to post. So they are coming soon. In the meantime she wants me to tell you that a whole bunch of them are on Facebook if you can't wait until she posts tomorrow.

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